Jan Omdahl
a-ha The Swing of Things 1985-2010 (ENGLISH SOFTCOVER)



ISBN: 9788275474160
Utgivelsesår: 2010


a-ha: The Swing of Things 1985–2010 is the definitive book about Norway’s greatest pop band. 

In the autumn of 1985, a-ha shot to the top of Billboard’s US list with its first single, Take on Me, which was accompanied by a groundbreaking video. An unknown band from Norway had accomplished something nobody thought possible. 
In the autumn of 2010, a-ha is finishing up its farewell tour, “Ending on a High Note”. After 25 years, more than 550 concerts, nine studio albums, three compilation albums and one live album, almost forty singles, 63 number-one records in 27 countries and more than 35 million albums sold, it’s definitely over. An era has ended. a-ha: The Swing of Things 1985–2010 is the ultimate summation of a fairy-tale career.
For this edition, Jan Omdahl, who has followed a-ha for many years, has updated the text of his classic band biography The Swing of ThingsThe book also contains an abundance of unique visual materials, many of them previously unpublished: record covers, PR material, and assorted items collected over the course of the band’s career; the band members’ personal photos, sketches, and notes; and several series of classic pictures taken by the photographers who have followed a-ha most closely over the past 25 years – among them Just Loomis, who took the pictures for the three of the first five albums.  
This book amounts to a unique documentation of a-ha’s history – and of all the strange and magical machinery that makes up a pop band’s biography.

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Oversiktlig og komplett praktbok om a-ha-historien.
Stein Østbø, VG 


Jan Omdahl

Jan Omdahl er en norsk journalist, forfatter og foredragsholder.
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