Stian Andersen
A-ha 1994 2010 | Photographs



ISBN: 9788275475938
Utgivelsesår: 2012

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The book presents an intimate portrait of a-ha over a period of 15 years, as seen through the lens of Norway's foremost rock photographer.

Stian Andersen is the only photographer who has closely followed the Norwegian pop adventure a-ha over a period of several years.  From 1994 and right up until the 2010 farewell tour, he has been closer to the band and the boys than anyone else before him – on trips, in cars, at hotels, in practice sessions, backstage – and has been the only photographer ever to take pictures of them in a recording studio, where he snapped away while Morten Harket laid in the vocal track of Foot of the Mountain. According to Stian himself, the job has not just been simple:

«I have never spent such a long time on a project as I have on this one. Making a book of photographs of a-ha is different from doing one about, for example, Turboneger. It's more closed, there's more history, the backstage area is more sacred. While I've been doing my job, I haven't seen any other photographers or members of the press backstage.»
Stian Andersen



Stian Andersen

The photographer Stian Andersen has, for a number of years, travelled around the world on various assignments for Norwegian as well as international artists.
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